Where Does Bioheat® Fuel Come From?

With all the talk about Bioheat® Fuel being the most affordable renewable energy option for homeowners here in Upstate New York, it’s no wonder why there’s an even greater curiosity surrounding where the sustainable fuel actually comes from, its production, and how and by who it is being delivered . Luckily, we have the answers. Keep reading to learn exactly how Bioheat® Fuel is made, the environmental benefits of using this fuel today, and how you can convert to Bioheat® Fuel with zero cost.

What is Bioheat® Fuel Made Of?

Bioheat® fuel is made by blending ultra-low sulfur fuels with renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable liquid fuel that is made from 100% renewable and recycled materials, like soybean oil. However, soybeans are just one of the agricultural by-products used to make biodiesel! Other sources include used cooking oil, inedible corn oil, fats and tallows, and other recycled oils. By sustainably and responsibly using these renewable natural materials, biodiesel has been able to reduce greenhouse gases by 86% compared to regular petroleum diesel. The biodiesel in Bioheat® fuel is what makes this liquid heating fuel able to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

The Top Benefits of Using Bioheat® Fuel to Heat Your NY Home

Eco-Friendliness and Lowering Carbon Emissions Now

The Bioheat® fuel industry has cut its total greenhouse gas emissions by about 33% over the last four decades. Other fuels high in methane—a greenhouse gas that is approximately 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide—are harming our environment, while declining emissions from Bioheat® fuel are helping to reduce our footprint. Bioheat® fuel is the actionable solution to help achieve New York’s climate goals as quickly as possible without costing consumers an arm and leg.

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Improved Safety and Reliability

Bioheat® fuel is nonexplosive, so you can enjoy each winter knowing that you are heating your home with a safe, dependable fuel provided by a nearby company that you can trust. Many local Bioheat® fuel companies offer 24/7 emergency service for an added level of security and peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home and family. What’s more is that Bioheat® fuel improves system efficiency, helping heating systems to run better, saving households money by extending equipment lifespan. Not to mention, the reliability of storing your heating fuel source on your property means you’ll always have heat when you need it.

Compatibility with Existing Heating Systems = Zero Conversion Costs

Bioheat® fuel is a unique renewable energy option because it is ready and available right now. You can start using Bioheat® fuel in your existing heating equipment today. In fact, Bioheat® fuel is compatible with existing oil heat systems such as your current boiler or furnace. This means homes and businesses in New York can make the switch to Bioheat® fuel easily. No need to worry about inconvenient installations and the costs they incur. Simply call your fuel dealer to ask for Bioheat® fuel. No hassle of conversion or any extra costs, plain and simple.

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Start Using Bioheat® Fuel Today

Renewable Bioheat® fuel is delivered by local businesses across New York State. Unlike other utilities, homeowners have a choice for who they do business with when they use Bioheat® heating fuel. You can take your pick from many family-run fuel providers and support your local economy by ordering Bioheat® fuel from a provider that you already love and trust, just give them a call to double-check that they have Bioheat® fuel.

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