Bioheat® Fuel Tax Credits

How can homeowners benefit from continuing to use Bioheat® fuel? Along with the fuel’s safe nature, technological advancements, environmental benefits, and low prices, alternative energy is a central topic of discussion. Bioheat® fuel is an alternative heating fuel that works with existing heating systems and offers homeowners another choice and opportunity for greater savings. And as an added savings bonus, homeowners in New York can receive tax incentives for using Bioheat® fuel.

How to Earn Bioheat® Fuel Tax Incentives

As if benefiting from a better, safer, and cleaner fuel isn’t reason enough to look into heating with Bioheat® fuel, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance offers a tax credit for those who use the fuel for residential space heating or hot water production throughout the state. By offering a tax credit to residents that utilize fuel with at least 6% biodiesel per gallon of Bioheat® fuel, New York continues to support the growth of alternative energy. You can qualify for a Bioheat® fuel tax credit if:

  • You live in New York State
  • You use Bioheat® fuel for space heating or water heating
  • The Bioheat® fuel you use is at least 6% biodiesel

Consumers using Bioheat® fuel already benefit in more ways than one, and adding this tax incentive is yet another positive step for our state’s economy and achieving local climate goals. Read more about the NY Bioheat® fuel tax credit and how you can save money when you fill your tank with Bioheat® fuel.

Looking to switch to Bioheat® fuel? Find a Bioheat® fuel dealer in your community or contact your current fuel provider to ask for Bioheat® fuel today!


Tax Credits Up to 20₵ per Gallon in New York

You can receive a personal tax credit of up to 20₵ per gallon off your heating bills when using Bioheat® fuel for home heating or residential water heating.

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