Bioheat® Fuel Cost Savings

Bioheat® fuel is the most affordable renewable energy option for homes and businesses in New York because it doesn’t require any additional cost to convert. In fact, Bioheat® fuel is being used across the state already and more and more consumers are making the switch without worrying about breaking the bank.

How Bioheat® Fuel Can Help New York Residents Save Money

    • No conversions

      Bioheat® fuel is compatible with existing heat systems. This means homes and businesses in New York can make the switch to Bioheat® fuel easily. No need to worry about inconvenient installations and the costs they incur. Simply call your fuel provider and ask if they can deliver Bioheat® fuel.

    • No additional costs

      No conversion necessary means no extra costs. Bioheat® fuel is readily available across the state of New York and is priced at competitive rates comparable to other liquid heating fuels.

    • New technology & efficiencies

      When the time does come to replace your heating system, you can upgrade to a new high-efficiency system that will use Bioheat® fuel even more efficiently to help lower your year-round energy bills.

    • Rebates & tax credits

      There are so many ways to save when it comes to your heating system upgrade and Bioheat® fuel. Rebates are available for New York residents on a new heating installation, and your Bioheat® fuel deliveries may qualify for valuable tax credits.


Simple Tips to Cut Heating Bills with Bioheat® Fuel

  1. Schedule an annual tune-up and reduce annual Bioheat® fuel costs by 10%.
  2. If your current boiler or furnace is more than 15 years old, upgrading to a high-efficiency system can reduce your heating bills, resulting in significant annual savings.
  3. Set your thermostat back when you are out of the house or at night when you’re asleep. You can save about 1% for each degree you lower your heat during a period of eight hours or longer.

Looking to switch to Bioheat® fuel? Find a Bioheat® fuel company in your community or contact your current fuel provider to ask for Bioheat® fuel today!


More Resources about the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

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