Bioheat® Fuel Production & Availability

Bioheat® fuel is delivered by local businesses across New York State. Unlike other utilities, homeowners have a choice for who they do business with when they use Bioheat® heating fuel. You can take your pick from many family-run fuel providers who offer the same great service and customized care, while delivering a high-quality fuel that’s easier on the environment.

Supporting Local Business in New York

Bioheat® fuel is delivered by small, multigenerational, family-owned businesses who live in, hire from, and operate in the communities that they serve. They are committed to providing exemplary services and products to their customers, which is why they are on board with Bioheat® fuel.

For years these businesses have been at the forefront of developing cleaner-burning fuels. In 2022, these local businesses helped pass a new blending law that requires all heating oil sold by providers in New York State to be at least 5% biodiesel blend, or B5, Bioheat® fuel. The blending law includes plans to gradually increase biodiesel blends to further reduce emissions and to protect the best interests of their customers, their employees, and their communities at large.

Domestic Product & Reliable Supply

Not only does Bioheat® fuel support your local economy, but it also supports jobs across the country. Bioheat® fuel is made from a variety of resources like soybean oil, used cooking oil, fats, and tallows which are readily available feedstocks produced in the United States. All of these feedstocks are waste products or by-products of existing food supply lines that are more than capable of meeting increased demand as Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel become more widely used.

Looking to switch to Bioheat® fuel? Find a Bioheat® fuel company in your community or contact your current fuel provider to ask for Bioheat® fuel today!


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Source: Clean Fuels Alliance America