Bioheat® Fuel and Safety

Bioheat® fuel is nonexplosive, so you can enjoy each winter knowing that you are heating your home with a safe, dependable fuel provided by a nearby company that you can trust. Many local Bioheat® fuel companies offer 24/7 emergency service for an added level of security and peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home and family.

NY Homeowners Stay Safe with Bioheat® Fuel

  • Approximately 8.1 million households in the US rely on the safety and comfort of Bioheat® fuel as their main heating source.
  • Aboveground Bioheat® fuel tanks can be inspected easily and routinely to prevent fuel leaks and to keep your property safe.
  • If your Bioheat® fuel heating system malfunctions, it will produce clear warning signs like smoke, odors, or soot before releasing carbon monoxide, unlike other fuels which provide no cautioning of the gas.

Better, Cleaner, Safer

Not only is Bioheat® fuel safe for your home, but it is also safe for our environment. Bioheat® fuel is one of the safest renewable liquid heating fuels because it produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions and is contributing to carbon reduction right now. Bioheat® fuel is on the road to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, so you can trust that it is a safe energy source for your home, your family, and your environment.


Looking to switch to Bioheat® fuel? Find a Bioheat® fuel company in your community or contact your current fuel provider to ask for Bioheat® fuel today!

Bioheat® Fuel Safety Fact

Storing Bioheat® fuel in a durable tank poses no threat of explosion, making it an exceptionally safe fuel source.

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