New York Switches to Bioheat® Fuel

July 1st, 2022 marked the beginning of a clean fuel revolution in New York State. This new biodiesel blending standard requires that all heating oil sold and delivered in our state must contain at least 5% biodiesel. Fuel providers not already delivering a blend of heating oil and biodiesel fuel will start making the transition within the year. Biodiesel consists of a mix of recycled and renewable agricultural by-products, including inedible soybean oil and used cooking oil. This mix, when blended with ultra-low sulfur heating fuel, results in an energy blend that both diversifies Empire State residents’ energy portfolio and provides a heating solution fully capable of reaching net-zero carbon emissions in the future. All in all, the Bioheat® fuel you can use right now is much better for our environment, while the Bioheat® fuel of the future will prove even better, cleaner, and safer.

Benefits You Get from Bioheat® Fuel

Affordable & Competitive Pricing

Owning a home or business that you must heat can be expensive. The good news is that using Bioheat® fuel does not require expensive conversions to your existing liquid fuel equipment. You’ll find Bioheat® fuel suitable for both liquid heating fuel furnaces and boilers.

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Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Additionally, fuel efficiency plays a significant role in the overall cost of keeping your home warm. Furnaces and boilers that use Bioheat® fuel rely on the latest technology for super-efficient fuel economy, using less energy to produce a high heat output.

Support from Local Companies

Finally, using Bioheat® fuel means supporting local companies and the people who deliver it—and getting that support right back when you need it most. Most fuel providers who deliver Bioheat® fuel are local, family-run businesses that have served their customers for generations. You will get the best low-carbon heating fuel available from a reliable local company dedicated to quality customer service.

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Key Takeaways

New York fuel providers have committed themselves to becoming more sustainable and making choices that are better for our planet. Bioheat® fuel is a standout renewable energy choice because it is the only low-carbon heating fuel that persistently lowers its carbon content over time. As one of the leading renewable energy sources available on the market in New York and beyond, you’ll find it compatible with existing equipment serviced by local fuel providers across the country. And Bioheat® fuel never requires expensive conversions. What’s not to love? Contact your fuel delivery provider today to learn more about their Bioheat® fuel deliveries.

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