New York Enacts Biodiesel Blending Requirement in 2022

We have great news for your home and family! Later this year, New York will become the largest state to enact a biodiesel blending requirement. That means that by July 1st, 2022, all delivery providers will be required to include at least 5% biodiesel in every gallon of liquid fuel. Curious how that affects your New York family’s home heating and comfort? Keep reading to learn what you can expect from this eco-friendly improvement to the fuel that your home and family rely on.

1. Find Bioheat® Fuel Delivery More Easily

When biodiesel blends are a statewide requirement here in New York, accessibility will blossom, and you’ll have a wider array of fuel delivery providers to choose from. Rather than having to ask your fuel and HVAC provider if they deliver Bioheat® fuel, you’ll know that at least 5% of your heating fuel gallons comprise renewable, sustainable biodiesel from recycled waste sources.

2. Know the Industry Is Pushing for Positive Change

As someone who uses Bioheat® fuel in their New York home heating equipment, you’ll be glad to know that the industry is pushing for eco-friendly movement and carbon reduction. When you use Bioheat® fuel in your furnace, boiler, or water heater, you can know you’re doing a favor for your community and the environment by using a percentage of recycled content in every gallon.

3. Lower Your Carbon Output & Reduce Your Footprint

You’ll significantly reduce your home’s environmental impact over time by continuing to use low-carbon Bioheat® fuel. After all, Bioheat® fuel is the only liquid energy source that can continually reduce its carbon content until it achieves net-zero carbon emissions. This reduces your carbon footprint and will continue to do so as blends become lower and lower carbon over time.

4. Feel Confident about the Future of Liquid Fuel

Bioheat® fuel blends aren’t stopping at 5%! State mandates are already set in place to require a 10% blend of biodiesel by 2025, and a 20% biodiesel blend by 2030. Time will tell when we’ll get to 100% biodiesel, but with the speed and innovation that current advancements are demonstrating, things are looking up.

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Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

By continuing to support the Bioheat® fuel industry by placing orders and using liquid heating equipment, you’re doing good by the environment and supporting a lower-carbon future for the next generation. To order a Bioheat® fuel delivery today, get in touch with your local provider.

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