Resolve to Lessen Your Environmental Impact This Year with Bioheat® Fuel

It’s the start of the new year, and residents across the state of New York are getting a jumpstart on their New Year’s resolutions. If your list of goals for the upcoming year includes finding a way to lessen your environmental impact, we have great news! Bioheat® fuel is a renewable fuel option that’s available statewide and helps you shrink your carbon footprint while staying cozy in your NY home. Keep reading this blog to learn what makes Bioheat® fuel environmentally friendly!

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Top Ways Bioheat® Fuel Is Better for the Environment

Bioheat® fuel helps lower GHG and carbon emissions.

Bioheat® fuel produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and carbon emissions than traditional heating fuels. In fact, Bioheat® fuel is inherently low carbon because of its biodiesel content. Additionally, the biodiesel content in Bioheat® fuel also helps to reduce the consumption of traditional heating fuels.

Bioheat® fuel is a renewable liquid heating fuel.

What makes Bioheat® fuel renewable? It is made by blending traditional heating fuel and renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from a variety of natural materials that are recycled or agricultural by-products, like inedible corn oil, animal fats, used cooking oil, and other materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Bioheat® fuel supports local jobs and is available today.

The biodiesel industry employs more than 75,000 people, and production continues to grow to meet increased demand. The best part? Switching to Bioheat® fuel is a cost-effective solution for everyone. It doesn’t require expensive equipment conversions, and can be used in existing heating fuel systems at no additional cost.

Bioheat® fuel is low carbon right now.

Bioheat® fuel is a low-carbon heating fuel that is contributing to reducing carbon emissions today. Other renewable options have plans to become low-carbon eventually. But those options aren’t presently very clean to begin with.

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Contact Your Local Fuel Provider about Bioheat® Fuel

Want to feel good about heating your home? Get in touch with your local fuel provider today about your next Bioheat® fuel delivery! Don’t have a fuel provider? We can help with that. Please explore our website to discover how you can find and select a new fuel provider quickly and easily, and don’t forget to learn more about Bioheat® fuel while you’re there.

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