How to Save on a New Heating System in NY

Are you on the hunt for a new heating system in New York? It can be a daunting process, and it doesn’t help that finding a new furnace or boiler can come with some serious sticker shock. If your current heating system isn’t performing well, you may feel backed into a corner financially—but it doesn’t have to be that way! Keep reading this blog to discover expert tips that will help make getting a new heating system more affordable without sacrificing the quality of the installation or your home comfort.

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3 Tips to Make Getting a New Heating System More Affordable

When it comes to getting a new heating system for your NY home, you can maximize your savings in a variety of ways. Check out our top three tips to help make your heating system purchase easier on your wallet:

See If You’re Eligible for Rebates

Did you know rebates are available at the state and federal levels to help offset the cost of your heating installation? Searching the web to see what rebates are available in your area is a good start to saving money. Your heating provider may also be able to help you find additional rebates—it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Ask About Equipment Financing

Many heating providers understand the upfront cost to replace a furnace or boiler is outside the average homeowner’s budget. Therefore, many heating providers offer some type of equipment financing, ensuring you can pay for the heating equipment you need in smaller installments. Ask your heating provider about financing!

Choose Bioheat® Fuel for Long-Term Savings

When considering the replacement of your existing heating equipment, it’s important to consider long-term savings potential. Choosing a high-efficiency heating system will help you save money down the road on fuel costs, and using Bioheat® fuel benefits both the environment and your wallet. Bioheat® fuel is compatible with both current and new heating systems, with no expensive conversions.

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Need to Find a Bioheat® Fuel Provider to Install Your Heating System? We Can Help!

Thinking about upgrading your heating system to a new high-efficiency model that is compatible with Bioheat® fuel? We can help you with that! Click here to find a Bioheat® fuel delivery company in your area. Many Bioheat® fuel providers in New York also install and provide service for furnaces and boilers, so you can get all your home heating needs taken care of under one roof. Book your upgrade today, and remember to take advantage of rebates and financing!

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