Bioheat® Fuel True or False

Labor Day is just around the corner and cold weather will be here in the blink of an eye. You’ll need an affordable way to keep your Upstate New York home warm this winter. Have you heard about Bioheat® fuel? It’s the renewable heating fuel that is all the buzz right now because it’s an alternative energy option that is available in New York right now. Whether you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, keep your heating bills in check, or both, read this blog post to get the facts about Bioheat® fuel.

Get the Fast Facts about Bioheat® Fuel

True or False? Bioheat® fuel is made from renewable resources.

True! Bioheat® fuel is made by blending ultra-low sulfur liquid heating fuel with renewable biodiesel. The renewable resources that make biodiesel are agricultural byproducts, like soybean oil and inedible corn oil, and other recycled fats, like used cooking oil and animal fats. These are renewable because they are byproducts that would otherwise be wasted if they weren’t used to make biodiesel.

True or False? Bioheat® fuel is more expensive.

False! Bioheat® fuel is comparably priced to other liquid heating fuels available on the market.

True or False? Bioheat® fuel produces lower emissions compared to other fuels.

True! By blending ultra-low sulfur heating fuel with renewable biodiesel, Bioheat® fuel is significantly cleaner burning than other liquid heating fuels. It produces fewer emissions than traditional heating fuels and is nontoxic. All of these factors contribute to cleaner air in our community.

True or False? I would need a new heating system to use Bioheat® fuel in my home.

False! Bioheat® fuel requires no expensive conversions. You can use it in your existing heating system.

True or False? Bioheat® fuel supports local businesses.

True! Bioheat® fuel is delivered by local heating providers in Upstate New York. Most of these businesses are family-owned and operated and they have been serving their customers for years. They provide above and beyond customer service and employ members of your community.

Have more questions about the benefits of Bioheat® fuel? Contact your heating provider in Upstate New York to ask if they deliver Bioheat® fuel.

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