4 Reasons to Schedule a Spring Heating Tune-Up

Spring has finally sprung here in New York. As temperatures start to rise, your heating system is probably the last thing on your mind. Don’t forget about it just yet! Your boiler or furnace worked extra hard to keep your family safe through another cold winter. It deserves a little TLC to make sure it is in top shape for next fall.

Benefits of Spring HVAC Maintenance

1. Lower energy costs

Did you know that just one yearly tune-up from your local heating company can help lower your annual Bioheat® fuel costs by up to 10%? When your boiler or furnace is operating at peak efficiency, it uses less fuel to produce a high level of comfort.

2. Extend equipment life

Think about it: if you run your heating system every day and night from December to February, that is almost 2,000 hours of work! Routine maintenance is essential to help your hardworking heating system last longer.

3. Avoid surprise breakdowns

Come September, you expect your heating system to switch on without a hitch. Schedule a spring tune-up to avoid inconvenient and potentially expensive breakdowns. During your annual tune-up, your technician can identify and fix any minor issues before they turn into major problems.

4. Beat the autumn rush

Taking care of your heating tune-up might not seem like a priority now, but once the leaves start to change you’ll be happy that you did! Schedule your annual maintenance during the spring to avoid the fall booking frenzy and make an appointment when it’s most convenient for you.

Add “book heating tune-up” to your April to-do list. All you have to do is call your local NY Bioheat® fuel company and request an appointment! Then, you can enjoy the rest of the summer worry-free. Once the seasons change, you’ll rest easy knowing that your heating system is ready for the first cold snap.

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