New York Switches to Bioheat® Fuel

In case you haven’t heard already, we have great news! All heating oil sold in the state of New York is now Bioheat® fuel. New York has recently put into place a new mandate that requires all petroleum-based liquid heating fuel sold in the state contain at least 5% biodiesel, with plans to increase the blend requirement in years to come. This means that the fuel you’ve come to know and trust will produce fewer and fewer greenhouse gas emissions as time goes on, and you can count on a low-carbon future in New York for generations to come.

Recap: What Is Bioheat® Fuel Made From?

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. Biodiesel is a recycled, renewable, and sustainable blend of agricultural by-products and used cooking oils. These products, which are automatically created during farming and food production, are then mixed with low-sulfur fuel to create Bioheat® fuel. The blend ratio typically varies from B5 (5% biodiesel) to B20 (20% biodiesel). This results in additional streams of revenue for farmers and restaurants, less waste generated by the agricultural industry, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced carbon content.

What Are the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel?

  • Lowers emissions to protect the environment
  • Promotes better operation of your heating system
  • Prolongs heating equipment lifespan
  • Supports local jobs and is available today
  • No drawbacks for consumers switching from traditional fuel
  • Produces a lower-carbon burn to help reduce fuel costs
  • Requires no expensive modifications to your current equipment

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Why Fuel Providers in NY Are Taking Action

Over the years, New York’s fuel companies have grown and adapted to the evolving energy industry. Making the choice to advocate for Bioheat® fuel was no different. Many energy marketers across the state actively participated in passing the statewide blending law for Bioheat® fuel.

This is a clear demonstration that the liquid fuel industry, local legislators, and state lawmakers are pushing for positive change. As a result, New York liquid fuel users like you can rely on Bioheat® fuel being available from local fuel delivery providers, giving you more freedom of choice when choosing a delivery company that fits your needs. When it comes to lowering carbon emissions and reducing greenhouse gas effects, every fuel order you place will be a step in the right direction.

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