How Much Bioheat® Home Heating Oil Will I Use This Winter Season?

If you’re new to using Bioheat® home heating fuel, then you’re probably wondering how long a tank will last your home and family in New York. There are a few factors that affect your fuel usage, and thankfully you’ve come to the right place to get answers. We’re diligent about making sure that you’re never left out in the cold with unanswered questions about Bioheat® fuel, like how frequently you’re going to have to order it. Keep reading to learn the top factors that affect your home heating oil usage and learn to tell when it’s time for a refill.

How Long Will Your Tank of Bioheat® Home Heating Oil Last in New York?

Your top question about heating with Bioheat® fuel probably has to do with how long a full tank will last. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer to this inquiry, but there are a few factors that can affect how quickly or slowly you use a tank of heating oil. These factors include:

Your Home Heating Preference:

A good rule of thumb to remember is that the lower your thermostat is set, the less heating oil you’ll use. The temperature you desire directly determines how hard your heating system has to work, and how much Bioheat® fuel it consumes.

The Number of People in Your Home:

If you have family or friends visiting your home, you’ll burn through more Bioheat® fuel than you would if the regular number of residents were using your oil-burning appliances.

The Temperature Outside:

If it’s cold outside, your heating system has to work longer and harder to keep your home warm. This means you’ll be burning more Bioheat® fuel.

The Size of Your Tank:

If your tank is smaller than average, you’ll notice that you need more Bioheat® fuel refills compared to the amount a large tank might require.

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Want to Learn More about Bioheat® Fuel?

New York is better with Bioheat® fuel. Why? Because it’s available to use right now and gives us an actionable way to meet the state’s carbon-free initiatives. You can feel good about using Bioheat® fuel for a number of reasons, including supporting local jobs and businesses. Get the facts about Bioheat® fuel, and then contact your local Bioheat® fuel provider for a delivery.

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