Home Bioheat® Fuel Prices

Home Bioheat® fuel prices are the lowest they’ve been in years, meaning it’s a beneficial time to be a Bioheat® fuel consumer! To stay up-to-date with market predictions, price trends, and more, please check back often for updates below.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has proven to be a valuable resource for Bioheat® fuel consumers and industry personnel alike – especially this winter. Its frequent Short-Term Energy Outlooks, which explain the latest trends in supply and pricing along with predictions for near-future energy market movement, provide a comprehensible look into what we can expect in the coming months.

In January’s Short-Term Energy Outlook, the organization notes that current home fuel prices in the U.S. are on average $0.98/gal lower than last winter. “The average household is now expected to spend $1,586 for fuel this winter, $767 lower than last winter,” according to the EIA. The benefits of Bioheat® fuel as far as safety, equipment options, and greener biofuel advancements are concerned have provided value enough for more than 8 million homeowners to stay with the fuel when prices were unfavorable. Now, with the EIA’s dramatically decreased fuel price projections, fuel cost can confidently be added to that list of advantages, providing homeowners with greater peace of mind for the future.

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