What to Do If Your Heat Isn’t Working

During the coldest months of the year in Upstate New York, knowing what to do if your home loses heat is necessary. While an issue with your heating equipment may be the root of the problem, there are other common causes for unexpected heat loss—some of which are simple fixes that do not even require a visit from an HVAC specialist.

Homeowner Heat Loss Checklist

  • Make sure your Bioheat® fuel tank isn’t empty. Check the gauge to see if you need Bioheat® fuel . If you do, call your local energy provider right away.
  • Take a look at your thermostat setting. Its cooling function may have been switched on by mistake. If this is the case, adjust to the heat setting and see if this resolves the problem.
  • Check that all switches related to your heating system are on. This includes furnace and emergency switches.
  • Reset your furnace. Press the reset button on your furnace ONCE ONLY.

If you’ve performed all of the above steps and you still don’t have heat, call your fuel provider immediately.

How to Help Avoid a Heat-Out Emergency

Staying on top of your Bioheat® fuel deliveries and scheduling regular service for your heating equipment can significantly reduce the chance of a heat-out emergency from happening on your property. Choose a nearby full-service energy provider that offers all of the following services for your convenience, safety, and peace of mind.

  • Automatic fuel delivery
  • Annual heating system tune-ups
  • Heating equipment repairs and parts replacements
  • High-efficiency heating system installations
  • Heating system service plan coverage

Learn more about fuel safety and how to keep your home safe and warm all winter long.

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