Energy-Saving Tips for Heating Season

All homeowners want to save money on their energy bills! To help you cut down on costs, we’ve compiled a list of five energy-saving suggestions that will allow your efficiency to go up as your cost goes down. Incorporate the hints below into your heating season routine, and start saving today!

Let There Be Light!

Steal the sunlight to heat your home: keep your curtains open while the sun is up, and closed when the sun sets. When the sun heats your home, you can keep your thermostat on a lower setting without compromising comfort.

Use a Programmable Thermostat to Save 10%

According to, turning your heat down 10 degrees every night while you sleep can save you 10% on your annual Bioheat® fuel oil bill! To make this commitment less time-consuming, install a programmable thermostat and let it work for you.

Seal Any Leaks

It seems simple, but some leaks aren’t as obvious as others. Covering your windows with thin sheets of plastic can help hold in air, as can closing your fireplace flue between uses, and having your ductwork inspected for gaps. Keep the warm air inside where it belongs!

Maintain Your Heating System

Having your boiler or furnace serviced annually can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and emergency service calls. Maintenance is cheapest when it’s planned well ahead of time, meaning you can cut down on service costs simply by booking an appointment with your local HVAC and fuel provider. An added bonus is that technicians are trained to increase boiler and furnace efficiency, making your Bioheat® fuel last longer!

Lower Holiday Lighting Costs

Take advantage of LED lights to save money and use less energy. Traditional lights, which some people run for hours a day, can add a tremendous amount of cost to your energy bill. Do yourself a favor and switch to LED, which look the exact same while saving you money.

We hope you found these energy-saving tips helpful and effective! Have a safe and comfortable heating season!

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