The Best Perk of Bioheat® Fuel: New York’s Sustainable Energy Blend 

You’ve likely heard buzz surrounding Bioheat® fuel, New York’s latest and greatest sustainable energy blend. Bioheat® fuel is the lower-carbon version of home heating oil and contains at least 5% renewable biodiesel. You may be aware that all heating oil sold in New York State contains at least 5% biodiesel, making it B5 Bioheat® fuel. But there’s more information you should know.

No Expensive Conversions Are Required to Use Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® fuel requires no expensive modifications to your existing heating equipment. You can use Bioheat® fuel within your current heating oil furnace, boiler, or water heater. This means there are no upfront costs for equipment, and Bioheat® fuel is competitively priced based on market rates like other liquid heating fuels.

The Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel Don’t End There

Here are some other top perks that New York homeowners and business owners enjoy when using Bioheat® fuel. Customers of this low-carbon energy blend can expect:

  • Fewer emissions
  • The comparable cost to traditional heating oil
  • Wide availability across the state
  • Support from state and federal tax credits
  • Reduction of carbon output in our environment
  • Extended equipment lifespan

Bioheat® fuel is an affordable solution to renewable home heating, especially as the energy blend continually lowers its carbon content over time. In addition, heating equipment manufacturers are on board with the low-carbon energy movement and are working hard to improve equipment that will seamlessly use Bioheat® fuel with higher blends of biodiesel so you can reduce your carbon footprint further.

It’s clear that the inclusion of Bioheat® fuel in New York’s energy initiative is a cost-effective and attainable action for homeowners and business owners across the state. Visit and to find more helpful information and resources for New York residents.

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