Using Bioheat® Fuel in Your Current Heating System

Alternative energy is the topic on everyone’s mind lately. Local and national policies are focused on reducing carbon emissions, leaving many homeowners to wonder what they can do to switch to more environmentally friendly energy options without breaking the bank. The good news is that there is a readily available renewable home comfort choice that you can start using today: Bioheat® fuel.

Bioheat® fuel presents the most cost-effective and actionable solution for decarbonization because it is already available and can be used in existing heating systems without any modifications. That’s right: if you have a boiler or furnace, you can use variable blends of Bioheat® fuel right away—the higher the blend, the cleaner your system!

FAQs about Bioheat® Fuel and Current Heating Equipment

Q: Can I use Bioheat® fuel in my boiler or furnace?

A: Yes. Current blends of Bioheat® fuel (ranging from B2 or 2% biodiesel up to B20 or 20% biodiesel) can be used in existing heating systems, including tanks, furnaces, and boilers.

Q: Do I need to change my heating system to use Bioheat® fuel?

A: No. There are no modifications needed to start using Bioheat® fuel in your heating system. If you have an unconventional system, talk to your fuel dealer for a more in-depth discussion.

Q: Do I have to pay more to start using Bioheat® fuel in my heating system?

A: Unlike other renewable energy options, Bioheat® fuel requires no extra costs for new equipment or conversions. No need to worry about spending thousands of dollars on new equipment or preparing for increased utility bills. In fact, when Bioheat® fuel is used in high-efficiency heating systems, homeowners will see their annual heating bills go down.

Q: What if I need to replace my heating system? Is upgrading my heating system expensive?

A: New high-efficiency heating systems have increased efficiency, performance, and fuel economy. That means they require less fuel to provide a greater heat output, saving you money for years to come. Not only can you see considerable long-term savings with a new high-efficiency Bioheat® fuel heating system, but you can save on upfront costs of a new installation with special rebates for New York residents, too.

Q: Is it hard to get Bioheat® fuel in New York?

A: Not at all! Bioheat® fuel is abundantly available in New York State and many local fuel providers are already delivering it to their customers. Simply give your heating company a call and ask if they deliver Bioheat® fuel in your area. If they don’t, you can let them know you are interested in Bioheat® fuel or find another local company that does deliver it. Local, family-owned heating companies across the state are committed to their communities, which includes offering an environmentally friendly fuel like Bioheat® heating fuel.

Have more questions about Bioheat® fuel? Check out our facts page here to get more information about Bioheat® fuel in New York State.

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