Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance

It’s springtime in the Northeast, which means the heating season is just about over, yet it’s not quite time to turn on the air conditioning. This mild stretch of temperatures makes for the perfect opportunity to evaluate all of your home energy appliances.

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading to higher-efficiency equipment in the near future or not, annual maintenance is important for keeping the equipment you currently have in prime condition. Getting your Bioheat® fuel heating and cooling systems tuned up by a licensed technician each year is not only essential for operating efficiency; it’s also incredibly beneficial to your home comfort, your property value, and your wallet.

Properly maintained energy systems run more effectively, delivering the right temperature throughout your home whether you’re heating or cooling it. Right now, in between seasons of extreme temperatures, take a look at your whole-home energy appliances and the benefits that go along with scheduling service for them this spring.

  • Home Comfort: Enjoy consistent and even heating or cooling, depending on the season, throughout your home.
  • Savings: Higher efficiency means lower Bioheat® fuel oil consumption, which translates to energy savings.
  • Reliability: Reduce unexpected service calls and extend the life of your system.
  • Home Safety: Equipment that’s running properly is less likely to malfunction. For Bioheat® fuel heating systems, this means reducing the risk of smoke or damage in your home and safeguarding your family’s health. For air conditioning systems, your annual tune-up includes quick and inexpensive steps like replacing your air filters, which can make a big difference in preventing pollutants in your indoor air.
  • Protection of Your Investment: Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty for greater home value.

Schedule your tune-up now and be prepared for whatever the seasons may bring! Call your local energy provider for details.

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