Ask Your Fuel Provider about Pricing Plans

There are many reasons why Bioheat® fuel is such a popular choice for home heating fuel in New York, including its reliability, eco-friendliness, and the fact that it supports your local economy. But another one of the biggest benefits that comes with choosing Bioheat® fuel to heat your home is that you’re able to take advantage of pricing plans. In this blog post, we will explore why you should sign up for a pricing plan, the different types of pricing plans that are available, and how you can sign up for a pricing plan with your local fuel provider.

Why Should I Sign Up for a Fuel Pricing Plan?

Pricing plans are the savvy homeowner’s best tool to keep energy bills manageable. Some reasons to sign up for a Bioheat® fuel pricing plan include:

  • You can save money with lower preseason rates
  • You add predictability to your energy costs
  • You can spend your winter worry-free, no matter how the market or the temperature may fluctuate

What Are the Different Types of Fuel Pricing Plans?

Most local Bioheat® fuel suppliers begin open enrollment for pricing plans in the late spring or early summer. When homeowners like you sign up before fall, they take advantage of lower preseason rates and can even spread energy costs evenly throughout the year. Pricing plans are built for flexibility, which is why you have a variety of options to choose from:

Market Price

Deliveries will be made at the daily market rate. You can spread your payments out over a period of time, usually 10 to 12 months. When market prices drop, you’ll always pay the lowest price.

Fixed Price

Lock in a predetermined, fixed rate per gallon and spread your payments out over a period of time, usually 10 to 12 months. This plan adds predictability to your energy bills and protects your wallet if market prices spike.

Budget Cap Program

Set a capped price and make 10 to 12 monthly payments. No matter how oil rates may climb, you’ll never pay over the agreed-upon rate. If your fuel provider also offers downside protection, you can pay the lowest rate if market prices drop for an additional up-front fee.

Pre-Buy Cap Program

Purchase your oil upfront at a discounted rate. The amount to purchase is generally determined by previous usage history. This way, you take advantage of low, preseason rates and have your Bioheat® fuel for the year squared away.

Want to Sign Up for a Fuel Pricing Plan? Contact Your Local Bioheat® Fuel Provider

Take the hassle out of your heating season when you sign up for a fuel pricing plan from your local Bioheat® fuel provider. Bioheat® fuel is on the path to carbon-free and requires no expensive and stressful conversions, meaning that using Bioheat® fuel is a simple choice you can feel good about. A guide to find a Bioheat® fuel provider near you that offers a fuel pricing program is available on our website.

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