5 Reasons to Think about Your Heating Equipment This Summer

In the middle of summer, your home heating appliances may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, we’re here to share with you why this time of year is actually ideal for taking a look at this important equipment.

Ranging from safety to efficiency to cost savings, here are five reasons to give thought to the systems that work hard to keep your home warm—before the heating season begins.

1. Fuel Tank Protection

Is there Bioheat® fuel in your fuel ank right now? By making sure that your tank is full or close to it for the summer months, you are helping to protect your equipment. Moist air, especially at this time of year, can cause condensation inside the vessel, leading to buildup that can later corrode its structure.
Tip: Be proactive by scheduling a Bioheat® fuel delivery now to prevent humidity from taking a toll on this important—and expensive to replace—component of your heating system. As a bonus, you may be able to benefit from low, off-season fuel pricing!

2. Preseason Upgrade Specials

If you’re already planning to upgrade your heating system or a component of it for the coming winter, make sure to look into statewide, manufacturer, and local business rebates that may be available for preseason installs. High-quality boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and fuel storage tanks may qualify for homeowners with Bioheat® fuel. Ask your local heating company for more information!

3. Early Tune-Up Discounts

Whether your heating system is two or 12 years old, annual maintenance is necessary for effective and efficient operation. Check with your local heating company to see if they are running any specials for customers who schedule their tune-ups in advance of the heating season.

4. More Availability from the Experts

Take advantage of your local energy provider’s availability before the heating season is in full swing. In the fall and winter months when technicians are busiest, it may be difficult to schedule an immediate heating system installation or maintenance visit that isn’t an emergency. While the weather’s still warm, your heating company may have more appointment options available with greater flexibility around your schedule.

5. Preparation & Peace of Mind

Sit back and relax when the temperature drops. Whether you’ve installed a brand new heating system or your annual tune-up has been performed, rest assured before you even turn the heat on for the season that your equipment is ready to keep your home warm safely and efficiently for the months ahead.

Call your local heating company to learn more about the services they can provide for your comfort, budget, and safety ahead of the heating season this year!

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